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Man, Im late as hell but im still here... But unfortunately alot of my personal belongings were stolen, including my camera, footage and new music.

Thursday May, 21, 2020 just after 5pm.. I had just wrapped up day two of a 10 hour studio session recording my new album. Everything sounded great as I was excited to go shoot some new visuals for the project. I left the studio and downtown Oakland to the Dope Era clothing store to grab a few new hoodies for the video shoot and for my loved ones, and boy was that a mistake.

I parked on Broadway between 19th and 20th streets, exited my vehicle, locked the doors and took a walk 1 block west in route to the Dope Era store which happened to be closed. A security guard from the The Cookies marijuana dispensary next door informed me the store is usually open a bit later and that I should check back in a hour so. I told him I would and would even be sure to stop in and grab some tree's when I came back to purchase the hoodies from next door.

Now in route back across the street to my vehicle, upon arrival I notice my rear passenger window broken with all my personals missing from the trunk. Being that I was parked directly in front of "Twilight Zone" smoke shop, I entered the store and asked the cashier if he had seen or heard anything.. his response " Your the third person to have your windows broken here this week"... no video footage was available and the Oakland Police Department refuses to even come out for crimes as such being that they are so common, so they were no help. My camera, 2 lenses, clothes, a whole lot of trees and some other shit that I will probally never get. Punks stole two little bags, but watch how I bounce back with the big bag.

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